April 27, 2010

Speaking this Friday on Beauty and Harmony

A good part of the reason I've not been blogging lately is that I've been preparing a lecture and presentation for a conference this weekend. The architecture schools of Catholic University of America and the University of Notre Dame are co-sponsors of A Living Presence - Extending and Transforming the Tradition of Catholic Sacred Architecture.

I will be speaking on the topic of Harmony and Beauty, a difficult philosophical concept for a very long book, but one that has proven to be even more difficult to shoehorn into a 15 minute presentation.

My slot will be in the 1:30 -3:15pm session on April 30, titled: Beauty and Abstraction.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon Boots! Throw us a bone! I don't know how many people read your blog, but I still check for updates. And the more you write, the more people will come. If you don't write for a month or two, people will forget about you. Even if it's a 5-minute post about some atrocious new modernist monstrosity, or of some good news, I'd like to hear about it.


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