May 14, 2009

Some Reasonable Words about Prince Charles

With so much venom and anger being vented at Prince Charles for daring to enter into a debate about style, Simon Jenkins, writing for the Guardian(UK) gets it right about Prince Charles and the modernist/classicist debate. Some interesting arguments about preservation are also raised that may be apropos to the 3rd Church debate.

I can't improve on it by commenting, so I link to it here. I'll just point out my favorite line, answering the charge of HRH being "undemocratic"

The debate has never died. It is kicking dust down at the old barracks site in Chelsea, where a proposed cluster of towers in a park by Lord Rogers, in the style of postwar Roehampton, is pitted against a terrace by Quinlan Terry in the even older style of Wren. In support of the latter, the "unelected" prince has written to the unelected owner of the site, the Qatari royal family, while the unelected architects have written to the unelected press. Never has the concept of franchise been so abused.


Anonymous said...

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Steve S. said...

It seems Charles got his way.

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