March 10, 2009

Photos from the Dedication at Thomas Aquinas College

Cardinal Mahony greets President Tom Dillon and Vice President Peter DeLuca before the Dedication.

Architect Duncan Stroik speaks at the Dedication Ceremony.

College Chaplain, Fr. Cornelius Buckley SJ opens the doors.

Cardinal Mahony Processes into the Chapel, ahead of him is Bishop Cordelione of San Diego.

The founding professors of the college, followed by alumni priests, process in.

Cardinal Mahony speaks about the Chapel.

The Congregation gathered for the Dedication.

Cardinal Mahony presents a blessing to the President.

Cardinal Mahony presides over the Mass of Dedication.

President Dillon delivers an address.

Cardinal Roger Mahony Sprinkles Holy Water on the Congregation.

All photos courtesy of Thomas Aquinas College


MrNiv said...

And the genius is in the details. I was in the new chapel for over an hour before I noticed something... there are almost no visible light fixtures. There is light, aside form the glorious sunlight the windows were obviously intended to capture, but no visible fixtures.

Sometimes the genius is in the details...

Matt Reiser

Margaret E. Perry said...

i love Fr. Buckley! So nice that he got to open the doors!

Samuel John Lima said...

Incredibly beautiful!

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