December 11, 2008

Thomas Aquinas College chapel update, Tabernacle revealed

A view of the crossing dome, showing the tondi of the Four Evangelists.
The chapel of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity at my alma mater Thomas Aquinas continues to shape up. Here are some photos I was sent of the interior as it is nearing completion. Do notice that a lot of things have yet to be built so please don't jump to conclusions about the liturgical orthodoxy at TAC. Yet to be built is the baldaccino, and beautiful colored marble altar rails are being crafted right now.

A view down the side aisles. You may notice the carved panels of the Stations of the Cross. The aisles are meant to be used as aisles for regular use, but during special occasions movable seating will be set up to double capacity. (I believe)

Note the Papal Coat of Arms in the floor of the center aisle.

Statuary over the main entry that you can see here.
Now I just got these images today from my special inside source so I'm bringing to the world completely exclusive images of the renewal of sacred art going on at TAC. These are a few images of the Tabernacle that will be installed in the apse of the chapel. Truly a jewel inside a jewel.

Christ Triumphant surmounts the tabernacle,
as St. Charles Borromeo called for in his Instructiones.

"This is my body"

Doors echo those of the Baptistry in Florence.

Domus Dei.

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